Two mini documentaries made to introduce the FaOC method, developed by Mascha Legel. This method aims to help children with speech impairment to better develop their language and communication skills with the assistance of home-made films.

Filmed by Mascha Legel and the children.

Edited by me.

Het Terphuis (the Mound House)

A short documentary about the restoration of a monumental farm in Albrandswaard (South-Holland) and the history behind the building and its artefacts.

Filmed and Edited by me.

Resume Video’s

A project aimed to help people who have trouble finding a job. This video message was used by the clients as a way to reach employers in a creative way.

The interview was filmed by me and my colleagues from Cam on Wheels. Other footage was filmed by the clients themselves.

Edited by me.

The Eyewi

The Eyewi is an electronic wind instrument developed by My Breath My Music. The musician can use his eyes to target the notes on the computer, the wind instrument in his mouth can then be used to trigger the sound. This is particular useful for people with severe disabilities.

Filmed and edited by me.

My Breath My Music on the radio

Karin van Dijk and Ruud van der Wel are visiting NPO1 to talk about their foundation, new developments and the impact of Covid19. I made a vlog about it.

Filmed and edited by me.

Hart van Nederland visiting Ruud van der Wel

Founder of My Breath My Music foundation Ruud van der Wel presents his new project on live telivision: NMA gaming. A project aiming to help physically impaired children with gaming. I have made a vlog about it.

Filmed and edited by me.

Gaming Clinic NMA Gaming

A day where children could test out adaptive gaming controllers and games.

Filmed and edited by me.

Cam on Wheels Coronavlogs

The Cam on Wheels production house decided to start a vlog-channel for youths to keep them and us busy, and keep track of their lives during the Corona period. For fun and motivation I contributed as well (and so did my dog).