Anniversary concert My Breath My Music

My Breath My Music has reached its 10th year milestone, and to celebrate, different musicians – with and without impairment- are giving a concert to the supporters of the charity.

Filmed by interns of Cam on Wheels and the crew of the Kroepoek Fabriek.

Edited by me.

John Kelly and My Breath My Music

John Kelly meets My breath My Music (or Magic Flute meets the Kellycaster.)

Filmed and edited by me.

G Sportdag Rijswijk

G sportdag is a day organised for disabled people where they can participate in several physical activities.

Filmed by me, Jelle Visser and Rob van den Graaf.

Edited by me.

48 Hour Film Festival: Daan & Chris

Daan & Chris is a short film about two sisters with a complicated relationship on their way to their recently diseased mother.

Edited by me, directed by Eléne Zuidmeer.